"It was evident from the outset that they were not a violinist and accompanist, but a true chamber music duo. Their performance was distinguished by nimble, energetic playing, well-considered manipulation of colors and dynamics, and a wonderfully subtle approach to phrasing."


The New York Times

"Strength, balance, suavity, and assured style."


The Strad

"Full of passion and lyricism, Robert offered a flushed, ample tone and rich, songlike interpretation."


The Washington Post

"The duo's incredible sense of ensemble made this performance a special evening of violin-piano music."


The China Daily

"In Baal Shem, Robert's tone became even richer and fuller, showing as yet unrevealed depths of tonal resource. Her intonation in the double-stops was spot on from first to last."


The Halifax


"Excellent balance and great unanimity of spirit - a most enjoyable concert."



"Lucie Robert offered an impeccably executed Tchaikovsky violin concerto, with technical security, beautiful sound and perfect intonation."


Newspaper Excelsior

Mexico City